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Welcome to The Styx. Come on in. Its a bit about lifestyle, a bit about cool new stuff, fabulous vintage stuff, groovy crafted stuff & all about us.

The Styx store sells a quirky collection of new and vintage items to make life worth living.  In a world of same, same, & more of the same, we look for something different.  Fabulous and useful -are our benchmarks.  We especially like it if its a kiwi original, but we wont be held back by that.  We like a hint of yesteryear, remodeled for today.  Come on in & spend some time.


  • Are you still there?

    14 June at 13:14 from atlas

    I've wound up my retail store, so its time to have another crack at the web-site. I'll be slowly loading product over the next few ...

  • birds of a feather...

    16 February at 10:38 from atlas

    Some fabulous NZ ceramics -huia feather platters or wall art, tui jugs.

  • classic kiwi

    30 January at 14:34 from atlas

    One of our brilliant NZ designers has come up with these great phohutukawa leaves for putting on the wall.  Such a kiwi icon.

  • new year

    16 January at 14:31 from atlas

    We survived the xmas chaos.  My new years resolution is encrypted in the pictured heiroglyphics!

  • a good old kiwi cuppa

    28 November at 15:54 from atlas

    Its just got to make you smile! 


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